Michael Maples Biography

MichaelMaplesWith over fifteen years of experience, Michael Maples has employed his sales, marketing and technical expertise domestically as well as in international markets, crossing multiple business sectors including retail, electronics wholesale, automotive, public utility, public relations and software. He specializes in helping firms gauge current industry trends, focus on future plans and create measurable goals.

After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Louisiana State University, Michael moved overseas and began consulting for 2 1/2 years in Denmark and Turkey. Through his work with several large firms, he was responsible for creating new marketing collateral, negotiating international trade alliances and joint venture partnerships. He also acted as an official advisor to Turkish manufacturers conducting business in the U.S. market.

Upon returning to the United States, Michael began work in the economic development and multi-media industry, first educating local communities and businesses about the effects of societal growth and then conducting the necessary research to facilitate planning for that growth. Michael entered Georgia State University's Concentrated MBA program in 1999 and after graduation, he was employed by Radiant Systems as part of their Headquarters Solutions group with a focus on Decision Support Systems. He then contracted with Ketchum to help rollout their Intranet and collaboration tool to the North American staff.

In 2001 Michael took advantage of a layoff and started a remodeling business, Red Maple Design LLC. Red Maple design works with clients on a full range of projects from custom fences decks and arbors to complete home remodels. Red maple design has also branched into custom furniture.