Kitchen at Lovers Lane

The big project was the kitchen. As you can see it is a standard galley type kitchen with all the cabinets on one side and the refrigerator at the end. This made for a bad work space. While trying to clean off the grease from under the range hood, I discovered the cabinets were ash that had been stained a dark walnut. Hoping to lighten up the kitchen I then preceded to sand down all the cabinets.(this was more work than expected) I also punched out the center of all the doors and replaced them with glass, clear for the top and translucent for the bottom.

I also knocked a hole in the back wall so that I could move the refrigerator closer. The other side of the wall was in my office and I used the bumpout to recess my desk and bookshelves.

I then sponge painted the floor in a tile pattern and put in a shallow bar on the long wall. This opened up the place and made the work triangle smaller.