Kitchen at Ridgeway

Kitchen remodel - before Kitchen remodel - before

When we moved into the house this was the state of the kitchen. It was an odd pink color and the cabinets had been painted (very poorly) white. There was a drop ceiling with acoustical tile and a rather noisy florescent light. The table in the center also came with the house.

Kitchen remodel - ceiling workKitchen remodel - ceiling work

My first task was to get ride of the ceiling and light. When I removed this I found that the previous plaster ceiling was not salvageable. I constructed a new framework and tied it into the existing joists. I also removed the paneling from the walls.

You can also see that I worked on the cabinets. I removed the doors and sanded down the casing to the natural ash. I also removed the center panel of the doors and replaced it with glass.

Kitchen remodel Kitchen remodel

I have now completed the ceiling including placing the recessed lighting. I have stained the cabinets a colonial maple and replaced the doors and hardware.

Kitchen remodel - after Kitchen remodel - after

This shows the final results. The walls have been rag painted to get a softer feel and the floor was repainted (it was green). I have also redone the backsplash with standard flashing. The table is also new. It is a little bit more narrow than the previous version to give more room in front of the sink.