Red Maple Design


Fur_Bench_250A cherished piece of handcrafted furniture will merge the skill and artistry of a craftsman with the individual needs and style of a client. Fur_Hutch_250Michael Maples knows that a truly treasured design requires an understanding of how a person will be using the piece, so he takes the time to discern his client ’s lifestyle before taking the first measurement. He then incorporates the client’s needs with his individual style to meticulously design and handcraft exceptional furniture and cabinetry.

A lifetime of world travel has enthused Michael with a deep appreciation for the art and design of many different cultures. As a result, his designs reflect an Asian-inspired Craftsman style that always highlight the beauty of natural woods without needing to rely on excessive use of stains. Maples’ designs typically demonstrate a talent for combining several different woods into one very distinct piece. 

Whether it’s furniture inside or outside the house, a single room, a built-in, stand-alone piece, complete set or an entire house remodel, Maples will always make sure that a client’s vision for their home is understood and articulated. To this he offers a worldly inspired craftsmanship to be valued and enjoyed year after year.